5 Best Youtube Channels to Learn Indian Stock Market

If you’re looking for an option to invest your money in the long term then everybody would suggest you put your money in the stock market. As we all know it’s safe and the return on investment is way higher than keeping all your money in the bank. But, do you feel the fear of losing your money too? It isn’t something new with you, everybody feels the same way. So, here in this post, we are going to tell you some great Indian Stock Market YouTube Channels that hold the most generous predictions and scored profit from almost every investment they ever made.


We are not sponsored by any of the below channels, this post is to spread the awareness to become financially strong, or free if you’re willing to risk your money. It ain’t a poker game where everything depends on luck, Stock Market is something where your knowledge and vision do all the job. If you pick the right firm which seems legit and great future ahead, it will help you in growing together with the firm.

So, it’s better to gain every piece of knowledge before investing a single penny on any share. These channels will lead you to how you can research or analyze the signals of any share, predict a but about upcoming flow, and the history chart of the same firm.

All these YouTubers are financially strong and have great knowledge of the share market, and they’re happy to help others too with their knowledge. Don’t lose the chance and if you have something to invest in for a better future, invest it in the right place so you’ll never regret your investments.


This channel holds many records and made many millionaires throughout the youtube journey itself. Convey of FinnovationZ has a story of the past 7 years, it was started in the year 2014 and received positive feedback from the viewers.

Apart from this channel, the Creator has various other channels for news updates, Marathi convey, for kids & career, and one for the personal vlogs videos.

Whereas this channel is made for sharing awareness about the myth and facts about the stock market, digital scams, investments & tax advice, and much more relevant guidelines. If we talk about this single channel, it has over 1.7 million subscribers, and every other day, a new video will be released on the channels covering the sensation topics.

Pranjal Kamra

Pranjal has a great sense of the stock market and earned well fame in both stocks and youtube careers. On YouTube, Kamra has over 3 million subscribers on the mail channel, whereas, there are two more child channels with 1 million & 200k subscribers.

On these channels, you’ll find case studies for beginners, intermediate, or experts also about how you can research for a good share and invest it for a long-term plan.

This channel ranked many times for the great advice on financial behavior and stock analysis and millions of people consider Pranjal Kamra as their mentor in this field just because of his great mindset and ability to share fair details with the public.

Sunil Miglani

One of the best Hindi language supporting channels on this topic and we can assure you that no other channel will give you the patriotic feel in comparison to Sunil Milani. These channels have reached a milestone of 900k subscribers on the mail channel, whereas, the other newly created channels have less than 20k subscribers for now.

The best part we feel about this creator is that you can drop your questions and the creator will surely look after it. The other channel is created especially to talk with the followers to solve their queries on the instant. Many of us feel shy and afraid to ask such questions in open public, but on these channels, you’re free to seek help from the experts.

Sunil has experience in chart presentation and analysis, along with, human psychological pattern reading skills which leads him to be the best guy in this field who can predict and read any conscious mind at a deeper level.

Nitin Bhatia

Nitin is about to cross the base of 1 million subscribers on his main channel, although, he doesn’t have any other channel so don’t fall for any fake claiming channels. This channel has over 1,000 videos all related to the stock market and tips to swim in the money flood. Nitin tries to help youngsters to find profitable trading and investment option for their bright future.

He has great knowledge of Real Estate, Stocks Market, and Personal Finance, you can consider him as the best tutor with such skills to share all secrets openly with the public so that everybody could make a good living out of his experience.

The channel was started in the year 2015 and still plays a major role in the category of the stock market on YouTube. You can also read his blogs through the website, which is mentioned in the description of Nitin’s most videos.

Market Gurukul

With a base of nearly 500k subscribers, Market Gurukul is one of the growing channels in the stock market genre. This channel shares a lot of tips to easily catch signals and develop your mindset without paying any charges on demanding institutes.

These channels joined the YouTube Family in the year 2013 and the journey was quite slow but people found much useful content on this channel which made them think about their future with serious vision. Market Gurukul helps the public to get a deep knowledge of the stocks market, with their demo tools, market analyzing tips, and charts, you can even apply to be part of their application where all the latest updates are posted daily.

The best thing which we like about this channel is that the creator is sharing everything for free, they never asked about any fee or charges for using their methods or application ideas.


This was all about the 5 Best Youtube Channels to Learn Indian Stock Market in Hindi, if you know any other channels with the same category but better reference, then drop the name of the channel link into our mailbox.

If it seems correct for the list, we will update the list soon with your suggested channels. Until then, keep sharing this article with your mates and try to gain knowledge about digital marketing.

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