How to Convert YouTube URL to QR Code

Technology is rapidly growing day by day, and no humans want to put much effort into anything. We all need the simplest way to learn and grab things without choosing the long path. Here’s the article which includes another great innovation to help you in the promotion of your YouTube videos.

You might have heard about QR Codes before and scanned a dozen in the past few years, most online transactions in physical stores are done through this only way because it’s instant and seems a great way of promoting services.

Nobody will read and rewrite your video URL on their screen, if you can share your URL with them, they might open it and watch your video. But if you ask them to search your channel or video on their own, they probably make some excuse and never do that stuff on their own. So, if you provide them with a QR Code they’ll find it interesting and surely give it a try. It seems cool to scan and stream rather than typing a lengthy permalink in the browser.

What is QR Code?

A QR Code is a small square box with black & white dots pattern which syndicates a shortcut path to any website, application, video, or payment gateway.

Mostly the QR Code is used to generate payment gateways for the users to pay the end-to-end encrypted transfers of money without any fear of losing the data or the amount.

Whereas, it can be used for other purposes too, such as a shortcut gateway to some web address or youtube video.

Bar Code and QR Code both are different from one another, Bar Code holds the product ID and details, whereas, QR Code holds an address of some specific location.

How to Convert YouTube URL to QR Code

The process for converting your YouTube Video URL to QR Code is simple, you don’t have to understand any rocket science here.

Follow the below-mentioned steps and you’ll get what you were looking for.

  • Open YouTube Application/Website and play your video.
  • Click on the share button and choose the clipboard option to copy the Video URL.
  • Once the URL is copied you can proceed with further steps.
  • Open this QR Code Generator Website and paste the link in the text area.
  • Click on generate button and the QR Code of your URL will be generated within the seconds.
  • You can download the image in any format your desire.
  • That’s all, now you’re free to share the code on any platform.

Why should we use QR Codes?

QR Codes are fast and secure than any other media file. Let us show you some basic features you’re going to experience with QR Codes.

Extremely Fast

You don’t have to wait for any minute here, just scan the code and it will show you the details which are behind the code. This won’t take more than a few seconds to surpass the details.

Easy to Promote

You can put your QR Code on magazines, pamphlets, or posters to let the public scan your code and redirects it to your desired location. This is a great way to promote and engage with more audiences.

Secured Connection

There’s no need to worry about losing your data because no third party could track the details out of it. The person who created, or the person who scanned the code will know the process.


Which is the best app to scan a QR code?

Your device might already have a system application for such tasks, if you don’t have any application you can go through the App Store/Play Store and search for the free applications to scan the QR codes.

You don’t have to purchase any application for such little work, any of those scanner applications will work smoothly with these QR Codes.

What’s the best way to get traffic from QR Codes?

As mentioned above, try putting your QR Codes in magazines or posters of your goods & services. Suppose you have a travel agency and want to promote your business, you can go to person by person and show them your intro video to all. Instead, mention all the necessary information and a QR Code in the poster and distribute it among all of them and ask them to scan to know all the packages and virtual tours of your services.

Is it safe to create a QR code?

Yes, you don’t have to worry about anything. YouTube isn’t against promotion and you’re not breaking any of the violations here. All the rules are been followed and this process remains safe and priority goes with the safety of users’ content.


This was all about How to convert YouTube URL to QR Code for free and without installing any application. If any of you guys have doubts over your head, drop the words into the below comment section. We will be glad to help you out in all possible situations.


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